Arjan Bhullar


This past weekend saw another dominant performance from a former Olympic athlete as Team Canada’s Arjan Bhullar advanced to 6-0 in professional MMA at the expense of Bellator veteran Joey Yager. Battlefield Fight League 48 played host to the main event bout, which went the way many expected as arguably the best wrestler in Canadian MMA continues to shut out one opponent after another. Impressively, the heavyweight former freestyle wrestler has yet to concede a single round of action.

Yager, to his credit, pushed Bhullar the distance. A former Central Michigan University wrestling stand out himself, Yager may not have the same pedigree as Bhullar – Arjan is a Commonwealth Games gold medallist, as well as a Pan American Games bronze medallist – but he does possess a significant experience advantage in MMA terms over a man 6 years his junior. That alone, however, did not prove pivotal on April 29.

In truth, Bhullar has been riding rough-shod over the competition since his pro debut in late 2014. Splitting the manner of victory evenly over three TKO’s and three Unanimous Decisions, Bhullar has not only demonstrated heavy hands to back up his outstanding grappling game, but also the stamina to continue to dominate long into his bouts – a trait that is not always a given in the heavyweight division.

It’s not only an impressive start; this win has to act as a clear signal to major MMA promotions all over the globe that Bhullar is a force to be reckoned with. He has the pedigree, unquestionably – and now he is compiling a record worthy of earning him a shot at a much higher level. The BFL World Heavyweight Champion himself stated on social media recently that “the roar of 1 billion Indians cannot be ignored for much longer”.

With that statement, The MMA Vanguard agrees one hundred percent. If ever there was a major, marketable star-in-the-making, it is Arjan Singh Bhullar.

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