The Exponential Growth of ONE Championship in Asia


Under the leadership of self-made Thai entrepreneur, the Founder and Chairman of ONE Championship Chatri Sityodtong, as well as the tireless efforts of charismatic CEO and Owner Victor Cui, ONE Championship has grown to become Asia’s largest sports media property – and the numbers that back this up speak for themselves.

The decision to focus endeavours almost entirely on the Asian market are paying dividends in a huge way. On a continent that has long revered combat sports, ONE Championship finds itself in the enviable position of being able to attract genuine blue chip sponsors, bring in huge, even state-sponsored investment (the Singapore government, for example, is one such investor in the company), and, with persistence and savviness, appeal to an enormous and highly passionate fanbase.

What’s more, that fanbase should no longer be spoken of in terms of potential; the growth of numbers ONE Championship can now boast are legitimate and jaw-dropping. While global super powers like the UFC continue to dip their toes into the marketplace periodically, only ONE Championship has truly dedicated itself to achieving out-and-out success in the area – and with the figures outlined in the most recent metrics from Nielsen, Facebook and Repucom, it’s clear to see why.

A one thousand-fold growth in social media video views, a doubling of TV broadcast footprint, and a 5 to 20 time increase in peak TV ratings share shows just what can be achieved in the world’s most populous continent.

With MMA fans in established markets like the Americas and Europe naturally expecting to received the best of the best in terms of MMA action, content and presentation, it’s unusual for a company the size of ONE to not try to put down roots at the first available opportunity; but as Chatri and Victor know, what has been achieved so far in Asia, the birthplace and spiritual home of martial arts, is just the tip of the iceberg. If their outstanding work continues, the biggest fights in the world may no longer be limited to Las Vegas and New York, but we could soon be seeing global blockbusters from Shanghai, Beijing, and Singapore.

An incredible story that should put everyone on notice.

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