Mika Faavale


Alaska probably wouldn’t be the first place you would look to in search of the latest Pacific Island heavyweight rampaging through the ranks of professional MMA – but that’s exactly where you’ll find Mika ‘The Monster’ Faavale, a hard hitting player of Samoan bloodline.

A huge 6’2, 260-plus pound behemoth, Faavale is just 4 bouts into his prize fighting career, and already lays claim to the Alaska Fighting Championship Heavyweight title – a belt he will defend on May 10 against storied veteran Tony ‘Kryptonite’ Lopez (47-25). If his conquest of previous champion Pat Lumba (then 9-1) is anything to go by, Lopez would do well to avoid a direct firefight with Faavale, who has yet to endure two full minutes of action, let alone a second stanza. Lumba, for his part, lasted just 67 seconds before succumbing to the power packed in Mika’s heavy hands.

Watching his fights, it’s no surprise to discover that Mika was first inspired by the likes of Tank Abbott, Vitor Belfort, and Chuck Liddell while growing up in his native Hawaii. A long-time MMA fan, Faavale admits he originally entered the gym in a bid to lose weight. In terms of martial arts, he would take up Jiu Jitsu – but when it became clear MMA might present a future career path for ‘The Monster’, he switched attentions to Muay Thai, boxing, and wrestling.

Now a lethal striker with a similar genetic structure to the likes of Mark Hunt (he can eat shots as well as dish them out!), the sky looks to be the limit for Faavale. With every fight getting bigger, and every opponent getting tougher, Mika admits he still feels nerves ahead of upcoming fights, and even having competed in amateur boxing to get a feel for the atmosphere of fighting in front of crowds, he feels that won’t change. But, with a desire to fight at the highest level and achieve worldwide recognition, Mika told the MMA Vanguard that “I feel it’s my time now, and I can’t wait to show the world what I can do with these hands!”

If his first four fights are anything to go by, we would not want to stand across the cage from this ‘Monster’!

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